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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I see the discounted vouchers available?

To view the selection of discounted ODEON vouchers on offer, simply follow your unique link sent to following your Samsung Wallet prize draw win.

You should then be able to view the 'Vouchers' page so as to add discounted ODEON cinema vouchers to your basket, before proceeding to checkout.

Your unique link may only be used twice, after which it will expire and you won't be eligible to purchase further voucher codes.

How do I redeem my instant cinemas vouchers

  • Instant vouchers can be redeemed in cinema at the ticket kiosk, online at or in the myODEON app. A booking fee of £1 per ticket applies for online bookings
  • Alternatively, you can redeem your vouchers at the ticket kiosk of all ODEON cinemas

What if I need to cancel, amend my ODEON Booking?

  • Once a voucher has been used to book a ticket, it cannot be amended or cancelled.

What if I dont get my order confirmation?

  • If your order has gone through but you cannot find your Order Confirmation, make sure to check your Spam/Junk folder
  • If you still cannot find your emails from us, simply email our Customer Services team at with your order number and we will resend your confirmation

How do I use the Food & Beverage Vouchers

  • You can use them at the same time as booking your film tickets.
  • After you select your seats, in the food & Drink section - select Popcorn and scroll down to see the Large and Classic Combo options.
  • Put the Items in your basket and go to the order summary.
  • Here enter your food voucher code(s)
  • Alternatively you can use your code at the counter within the cinema

How long should it take to get my vouchers?

  • You will be emailed both one Order Confirmation, as well as each ODEON voucher purchased in a separate email.
  • If you cannot see any of these emails, make sure to check your Spam/Junk folder.
  • If you still cannot find your voucher codes purchased, simply email our customer services team for support at

I'm having issues with my payment?

  • If your card is declined or you're having trouble making your payment, try using a different card or contact your payment provider.

What is the expiry on the vouchers?

  • All vouchers have approx. 1 year expiry. You will be able to view the expiration date for each voucher before you add this to your basket, as well as in your confirmation email once you receive your voucher codes.

I cannot see the shop page?

  • The shop page is only accessible if you have been provided the link via a Samsung Wallet winning notification
  • If you have been provided the link, you will have limited access to the shop page to buy your vouchers

Use of Vouchers?

  • Voucher codes can be gifted.
  • There is not a limit to how many vouchers you can redeem within your booking.

How many vouchers can I purchase?

  • A maximum of 10 of each voucher type can be purchased in a transaction.

How do I get the discount on the Food & Beverage Voucher?

  • the discount is applied when you place the voucher in the basket.

Can I cancel my order

  • Orders cannot be cancelled once a voucher has been issued
  • Refunds cannot be issued once an order has been fulfilled
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